Sunday, November 24, 2013

Struggling Through Day 2

July 28th 2013

Yesterday was a tough day. I have been traveling a lot and woke up yesterday with what felt like flu symptoms with diarrhea. Not fun! I had the luxury of staying in bed all day and drinking lots of clean water to stay hydrated - I don't have to buy clean water. I can get it out of any public or house faucet. It made me stop and think about those in the Philippines who have the choice of drinking non-potable water or having to buy it - thus reducing what they have available for purchasing food and other things. I also thought about the fact that I can go to a pharmacy and buy something to help with my flu symptoms and the diarrhea - which I did. I also did not need to be on the street selling products or otherwise trying to earn today's income so that I and my family could eat - I actually get a day off and a paid sick day if needed. I wept (yes, probably partly because I felt bad, but also because of the realization of the great privilege in which I live and how much I take it for granted.) Thank you to all of you who are praying with me. I am a little better today. The diarrhea has stopped. I still have a bad head cold and cough but I have enough and time again today to rest and clean water with which to stay hydrated. Thanks be to God!

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