Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blowing a Whole Day's Budget on a Banana

August 8th 2013

I am hungry tonight. It's my own fault. I had my breakfast portion of rice and beans before I headed off to an all day seminar. I had with me my container of rice and beans so that I would not be tempted to eat the box lunch that I knew they would have for me. I stopped for gas about 45 minutes later and there was a banana sitting on the counter - $.069. My body really wanted the banana (nutritionally that is probably accurate); My taste buds wanted the banana and my stomach wanted the banana. The banana won. That meant that I was done eating for the day. Not a good choice - or was it? It does mean that I am hungry tonight, but I think my body probably did need something in that banana and it tasted so so good! Today made me think about times when I have seen the poor eating things that seemed a bit extravagant and perhaps unfairly wondering why they would be so foolish as to spend what little money they had to eat that. After today, I think I at least have a different perspective. My take on it? Sometimes we need to indulge in foolish extravagance. When life is tough all the time; when every day is a struggle to just get by; when every penny has to be counted day after day after day; sometimes life requires that we blow it on a banana - tomorrow we may go back to struggling every day to make it on a little rice and a few beans; Tonight we might be hungry; but for one moment, we knew the pleasure of a delicious banana. That was a good thing.

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