Sunday, November 24, 2013

Local Students respond

November 24th 2013
We are all aware of the tragedy brought about by typhoon Yolanda. This disaster caused so much suffering, pain, grieving to our “kababayan” in Visayas. Gratefully, the communities in which TIH currently works were not in the direct path of the storm and the empowering work of education, nutrition, and job training continues. Despite their poverty and the urgency of their own needs, these communities have told TIH that they want to help us help their neighbors. In fact, they are already doing so. Students at Harris Memorial College, our Philippine partner in Upper Javier, gave up meals (which are quite meager to begin with) and donated the money from their meals to pack relief bags for families in Visayas
As of now DAMBANA volunteers are on their way to Eastern Visayas to give the much needed relief to the victims.Some students joined the caravan for delivery to the impacted area of eastern Visayas, approx 13-1/2 hour drive, or 839 km (521 miles).You can join the students at Harris and give families living in Visayas a relief package for as little as the cost of one meal. You can join our communities in the Philippines, by skipping one meal and donating th proceeds to Together in Hope. For as little as $18 you can give a family of 6 enough food for 3 days along with other necessary supplies. Donate the cost of your meal here: and select 'Philippines: Typhoon relief and community development' under programs.

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