Sunday, November 24, 2013

Calories Count

August 12th 2013

I was at the low end of my healthy weight when I started this fast of eating on a dollar a day a little over 2 weeks ago. I have lost weight that I don't need to lose, even with 2 feast days included. (Unlike my brothers and sisters who don't eat this way by choice, I can gain it back in a couple of weeks when this is over - they can't.) How do kids grow when they don't have enough to eat? I am hungry most of the time - my body feels like its "eating itself" looking for calories. It makes me understand why people with few resources eat lots of white rice, potatoes, and heavy carbs, even though they don't have much nutritional value - they fill you up and they have calories! When buying highly nutritional food takes most of your income and means you don't get enough calories, you have to buy the other stuff just to make it. No wonder kids struggle in school. How can you sleep or pay attention when your body is struggling to find enough caloric energy to just maintain? There is enough food in the world - we have to find a way to share it.

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