Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet Nohemy

Nohemy is 13 years old and lives in the outskirts of the Alta Mira Flores community in San Salvador, El Salvador. Nohemy comes from a family of 6, she has one younger brother and two younger sisters. Her dad is currently unemployed, and her mother works as a tortilla maker at the local market. Her mother works from 6 in the morning until 8-9 at night, and some times Nohemy has to stay and watch the house or mind her younger brothers and sisters.Life can be hard for Nohemy's family struggling on one parents wages which amounts to a mere $2 a day. Nohemy's parents struggle to provide their children with the bare necessities such as access to education and health support. Yet there is hope...

Nohemy attends the local La Rosa Blanca School and through the support from Together in Hope is receiving educational and nutritional support. Nohemy's younger brother Jon and sister Flor are also enrolled in the La Rosa Blanca school. Their Dad hopes their youngest sister Natalia will be able to start school this coming Fall. Nohemy is currently in grade 4, due to the lack of resources in this community she may only be able to attend school for two more years as the La Rosa Blanca School only has grades 1-6. Nohemys parents cannot  afford to send her to the local public school....

Nohemy dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up. She wants to help her family and her you think we can help her dreams come true?? Jon wants to be a fanous footballer and maybe play for Barcelona, and Flor wants to become a nurse. We can all make sure the dreams of Nohemy, Jon, Flor and little Natalia come true..we can change the future of these children and give them a brighter tomorrow.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Help us build our community center, new school and medical clinic!

Church Fundraising Ideas

Imagine being sick or having a sick child and not being able to see a doctor because either you could not afford one or there was not one available, or both. Imagine having a toothache that hurt so bad it kept you up at night and haunted your every waking moment and having no relief because you have no access to pain relievers or antibiotics and you either cannot afford to see a dentist or there is not a dentist available, or both. Imagine wanting your child to have an education and yet not having a school to which you could send them or even if you could find a school, having no way for your child to succeed because you could not afford the transportation or the clothes and even if you could, you have nothing to feed your child and they are destined to fail because of malnutrition. Imagine being a child who wants to go to school but instead because of lack of opportunity you have to work the streets selling bread to help support yourself and your family. Imagine being gunned down or knifed by gangs because you are on the street rather than in school because there is no school to go to. Imagine……. 

This is the daily reality of the families in the community of Alta Miraflores, San Salvador, El Salvador, where 30,000 people live on the edge of existence as squatters seeking a better life for themselves and their children. There is only one doctor to serve this entire community and only a handful of dentists, who do what they can with extremely limited resources.Yet, this community lives hopefully and with dignity, pooling their meager resources to work for a better life for their children. They started a school that serves 250 children in grades 1-6, but hundreds more wait for a place in school and the older children need a place where they can complete grades 7-12. Instead they are on the street working, at risk from gang violence, and yes, some of them have been killed by gangs.

 WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Together in Hope is seeking to purchase land in the center of this community large enough to build a new and larger school for grades 1-12, a medical and dental clinic, and a community center to provide programs needed by the community. We need $100,000 to purchase that land. Thanks to our many generous donors, we have already raised $67,000 toward that purchase. We need your help to raise the remaining $33,000. Every penny donated will go to the land purchase – not a penny will go for our administrative costs. Every contribution will help.

 If we all work together in hope, giving what we can, we can meet this goal. Please help us and please spread the word. Donations can be made by checks made out to Together in Hope, for: “El Salvador land purchase,” and mailed to Together in Hope , 1250 Wood Branch Park Drive, Suite 625, Houston, Texas 77079 or by going on line to razoo

Thank you!