Friday, February 15, 2013

Run for a cause

In 2.5 weeks on March 2nd 2013, 10 athletes are running in the Woodlands Marathon to raise funds for the Alta Mira Flores community in El Salvador.

'I run for the forgotten children of Alta Mira Flores, El Salvador: children who have never run in an open field of fresh green grass, in well-groomed sport fields, along a beach, up a mountain path or in an organized race. I run so that these children can have nutritious food to eat, the chance for an education, and access to medical care when they need it. I run to help you see them and to respond. I run in hope: the same hope that sparkles in their eyes, dances in their laughter, and warms their welcoming embrace of a life that should not be lived like this and yet they live it- in hope.

I run to make that which seems impossible possible- one step forward at a time, step after step, toward what for me was an impossible dream when I started – running a full marathon. Eight months ago, at 56, I was so out of shape that I could not even run a single mile and didn’t even dare to dream of running 26! But step by step, one day at a time, pushing forward with a slow and steady focus, not quitting even when it felt too hard, that impossibility is becoming possible. I run not only to make my impossible dream possible, but also to make their impossible dream possible: the dream of a better future - a future that is sufficient with enough food to eat, enough opportunity for an education so that they can learn and be able to work well in the world, enough medical care and nutrition to stay healthy, and enough space between the hard places of life to love, laugh and live fully. I run and, with every step, I pray that one day their dream will be a reality. I run to help make that dream a reality – one child, one family, and one community – this community of Alta Mira Flores - at a time. As I run, I find myself changed by their presence in my heart and life. And so I keep running toward that future where not only you and I have enough of what we need to thrive, but they do too. I run with them, together in hope- Diane McGehee Executive Director of Together in Hope.

If you would like to support Diane as she reaches her goal of running a full marathon, you can support her here: