Saturday, March 2, 2013

Launch Charity Challenge

Together in Hope is delighted to announce that we won the Reason2Race Launch Charity Challenge. For the last number of months, 10 athletes have been working extremely hard to run in the Woodlands Marathon/half marathon and 5k. Not only have they been working hard physically but each person has been fundraising to raise much needed funds for the Alta Mira Flores development program in El Salvador. Their motivation for fundraising...other than helping people living in poverty? The Launch Charity Challenge.

<em> 'This program is an avenue for athletes of all levels, to challenge themselves in setting and achieving your goals by sharing your racing journey with family, friends and community. Sharing goals makes them a reality, and with this challenge. As you train for and compete in The Woodlands 5K, Half or Full Marathon, you also get to make a difference in our community, spreading awareness and raising funds for one of their official charities or any organization represented below.'</em>

Each of our athletes put  a minimum of $1,000 as their fundraising goal. Almost all our athletes reached their goal, our Executive Director Diane McGehee raised a whooping $14,035 putting her in first place to win the Launch Charity Challenge! The Grand prize was $3,000 bringing our grand total to $23,460. This money will be used to purchase the land in the Alta Mira Flores community, San Salvador, to build a new community center, medical clinic and school! Thank you to every who gave their support and helped us achieve so much!