Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bellaire resident takes challenge to eat on $1 a day

July 31st 2013

BELLAIRE, Texas -- Could you eat on $1 a day?

Bellaire local, Rev. Diane McGehee, is taking the challenge! For 30 days, Diane is eating on $1 a day to help raise awareness and funds for the work of Together in Hope among poor communities in the Philippines. Diane founded Together in Hope, a 501(c) 3 public charity, with her husband Jack in 2008. Diane shares, “In 2008, Jack and I had the privilege of setting our feet on the ground in Africa, the Philippines, and El Salvador. We fell in love with the children and their precious smiles and open arms, despite the horrendous poverty and other circumstances that define their lives. Our hearts were broken and our faith challenged. We asked ourselves, ‘How could this be in a world of such abundance!? No child should have to live this way. But,what could we do? We are only two people. Even if we gave everything we had, it would not begin to address the need.’ Yet, among this atmosphere of unrelenting obstacles, the possibility of ‘what if’ was the answer that emerged from deep within our souls. ‘What if’ we worked together in hope - together with these communities to empower their gifts; together with others who live in material and other forms of abundance that could be shared and joined with the rich abundance of survival, strength, endurance, and spirit of these children -, we could make a difference; we could, together, change lives and communities so that they too know fullness in all aspects of their lives – body, mind, and spirit.” And thus was born Together in Hope.
Diane has just returned from the Philippines with Together in Hope (TIH) and has launched a new campaign ‘1000 Filipino Points of Light’ to raise funds for Together in Hope’s programs there. TIH is working with four communities in the Philippines providing nutritional and educational support, as well as livelihood and leadership training. Together in Hope began working in Malis in 2008 establishing the Jessica’s Table program, a feeding and educational support program for children living in marginal communities. This program feeds over 400 children each week. Together in Hope has also assisted with the opening of three preschools and two sewing centers in Rizal and Bicol. Diane will live on $1 dollar a day, eating only rice, beans, vegetables, fruit and water. This is the amount on which many of the Filipino poor live each day. She will do this for 30 days with one feast day a week, July 26 - August 28, 2013. Together in Hope is looking for 1000 donors who will each donate $50 between now and September 1, 2013 to help their brothers and sisters living in poverty in the Philippines.
The $50,000 raised with your donations will fund Together in Hope’s work in the Philippines for one year. You can donate online at the below address or mail a check made out to: “Together in Hope” 1250 Wood Branch Park Drive, Suite 625, Houston, Texas 77079, (Memo line “1000 points campaign”) Follow the journey: and support Diane. For more information see See the story in full here:

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