Sunday, November 24, 2013

Launch of the Filipino Points of Light Campaign

July 26th 2013

Today we are launching the ‪#‎Filipinopointsoflightcampiagn‬, to raise much needed funds for the communities we work with in the Philippines. Pastor Diane McGehee, our Executive Director will live off $1 dollar a day eating only rice, beans, vegetables, fruit and water. This is the amount on which many of the Filipino poor live each day. She will do this for 30 days with one feast day a week, July 26 - August 28, 2013. Together in Hope is looking for 1000 Filipinos living in the United States who will each donate $50 between now and September 1, 2013 to help their brothers and sisters living in poverty in Bulacan, Bicol, Rizal, and Obando Philippines. You can donate online here: Follow her journey at: We will be posting Diane's blog [posts each day to keep up to date with her journey.

Day One - Eating on A Dollar A Day
'It's Friday morning, July 26, 2013. I have to admit that I enter this fast with some degree of trepidation: Can I do it and stay healthy? Can I do it and maintain the exercise routine that I need to maintain to be ready to run the Tyler Rose Run Half or Full Marathon in October to help raise money for free immigration clinics? Do I have the discipline to do it? What do I do when I am asked out to eat for a business lunch or other important meeting? How do I explain without offending people or seeming puffed up? And finally, will it make any difference? Will people give? Will they care? As I struggled with all of those questions this morning, I was reminded by the Spirit, that this is God's work, not mine. I offer it as a prayer that I and all of us will learn to live more simply and as faithful stewards of the incredible abundance which is ours as Americans, so that all of God's children throughout the world can live with sufficiency and thrive as God intended for all people and creatures of the earth. And so I begin, trusting that my efforts will not be in vain and will in fact make a difference, starting with making a difference in me. I invite you to pray with me and give, if you can. Diane (or as my friends and family in the Philippines call me), "Pastor Di"'

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