Sunday, November 24, 2013

Joining in

August 5th 2013
A friend called me today and said, "Diane, I don't want to just write a check - how can I participate?" We talked and here is what she decided to do. I think its a great idea - so feel free to join her. My friend Mireya is going to try to eat for a dollar for as many meals as she can, maybe just one day, maybe just one meal for several days. Whatever she saves by eating for just a $1 that day or meal, she is going to donate. Even if you don't want to eat for $1 or can't for many good reasons, health being one of them - DO NOT do anything like this unless you are healthy enough to do it without harming yourself - you could eat a little less than you normally do and donate whatever you saved by eating less. The most important thing, however, beyond NOT DOING ANYTHING THAT WOULD CAUSE YOU HARM, is to eat intentionally and with gratitude for all the hands that brought that food to our table and to pray for those who as we eat, don't know when they will eat again - not as a guilt thing, but to help us stay conscious and because I believe that God answers prayer.

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